Pre-Fall 2017

  1. Here's the lookbook of the PF17 collection that LV quietly revealed a couple of days before the Fall show. I'm also going through Accessories images for the collection so will post them after!
    LV_PRE-FALL17_01.jpg LV_PRE-FALL17_02.jpg LV_PRE-FALL17_03.jpg LV_PRE-FALL17_04.jpg LV_PRE-FALL17_05.jpg LV_PRE-FALL17_06.jpg
  2. LV_PRE-FALL17_13.jpg LV_PRE-FALL17_14.jpg LV_PRE-FALL17_15.jpg LV_PRE-FALL17_16.jpg LV_PRE-FALL17_17.jpg LV_PRE-FALL17_18.jpg
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  3. LV_PRE-FALL17_19.jpg LV_PRE-FALL17_20.jpg LV_PRE-FALL17_21.jpg LV_PRE-FALL17_22.jpg LV_PRE-FALL17_23.jpg LV_PRE-FALL17_24.jpg
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  4. 08.jpg
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  5. I really like this bag :smile: more functional than some of the others. Although the other half thinks the handle look like cutain tie backs :hrmm:
  6. It's Monogram on one side and Reverse Monogram on the other. Just FYI ;)
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  7. Same bag. But in Monogram Matelasse.
    Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 6.49.00 PM.png
  8. Thank you for posting! Awesome!
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  11. So its the bag from the 1st pic. Wow that so clever. 2 in 1 look bag. I've noticed it has zip's running down the side of the bag. I wonder if this for asthectic reason or there's a function for it. Forgot to thank you for posting. So busy looking forgot my manners :smile:
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  12. I agree. Such a fun design. And :flowers::flowers:
  13. LOL