Pre-Fall 2012 tricolour beauties...

  1. Best get in quick guys...

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    As I can't see them staying around for long!

    They are SO gorgeous. :love:

    (And pictured in the background of the second photo at top-right are the new Milly-la-Foret bags.)
  2. Wow they are very pretty! Thank you for sharing these pics. I really love the combination on the Lady Dior.

    I'm starting to like the Milly La Foret line. They look cute in the backdrop, being a bit unstructured due to the puffiness. I would like to see the strap in detail (and modeled on a mannequin or person); maybe it wears better than I think it does.
  3. Love those pastelsssssss :heart: