Pre-Fall 2010

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  1. Sharing these picture that I came across. The bags are huge though I kinda the bag design in yellow (hope it does comes in other color). Just wondering if it would "drown" me when I carry them. Like the clutch!!

    04m.jpg 07m.jpg 10m.jpg 11m.jpg

    U can view the complete collection at
  2. Wow, some of those bags are huge!
  3. omg i love the yellow bag
  4. WOW!!!! not only are they huge, I NEED them!! seems like I'll be on a ban until fall!!!!!
  5. i LOVE the size of the clutch (2nd picture). all my clutches bulge from over-stuffing it with phone, money pouch, lip gloss, etc. a girl's gotta look good! :biggrin:
  6. Wow! Gorgeous bags! Love it! Thanks for sharing!
  7. the bags are ok. . . but I am totally in love with the clothes. . . gosh that will be an expensive season
  8. The bags are huge- but I love them!