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    Here's another Chyc bag that is mentioned in a brief item in the Wall Street Journal.



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  2. The U.S. version of YSL.com has added additional fall bags today. :smile: Many of the bags have already been posted in this thread over the past nine months, so I won't repeat the pics, but go here to check them out: http://www.ysl.com/us/en/onlineBoutique/Women/Handbags.aspx

    Among the latest additions is the Multy. (These are listed under "new" handbags.) And they say the bag actually comes in three sizes.
    Small = 9H x 7.5W x 3D
    Medium = 12H x 11W x 5.5D
    Large = 14H x 12W x 6.5D

    large black patent Multy

    small purple Multy

    Other new bags of note:

    black stingray-printed Easy


    bronze metallic Easy

    black studded suede Easy

    black studded suede Roady

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  3. Mytheresa.com just posted a black leather Multy with leopard lining



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  4. These are from downtown Seattle Nordstrom:

    Easy in Nylon and snow leopard print $1245
    easy nylon snow leopard $1245.jpg

    Roady in leopard $2995
    leopard roady $2995.jpg

    Large Muse hair calf $2495
    lrg muse hair calf $2495.jpg

    Large Muse in Sapphire

    lrg muse sapphire.jpg

    Multy in Bronze $1595
    Multi bronze $1595.jpg
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    A couple more from downtown Seattle Nordstrom:

    Oversize Muse in purple $1695
    oversize purple $1695.jpg

    Roady in tan with leopard lining $1595
    roady tan and leopard lining $1595.jpg

    Oh, and I think the cosmetic pouch comes with the bag
  6. ^Oooohhh thanks for posting! Some new ones there haven't seen before. :yes:

  7. ^^I think I'm gonna have to pay them a visit this weekend and see these beauties IRL :biggrin:
  8. Raffaello Network has a purple Easy in the same sort of crackled/glazed leather as the Belle de Jour clutch that I bought in August...



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  9. A couple of spy pics from downtown Seattle Nordstrom :biggrin:

    Large Chyc bags in purple and black

    2010-10-16 15.34.jpg

    Medium Multy- the top one is actually the patent violet color. Somehow it came out blue in the picture without the flash
    2010-10-16 15.3100.jpg
  10. ^Thanks for posting! That Nordstrom seems VERY well stocked with YSL. Anything tickle your fancy??? :graucho:
  11. The purple Chyc is gorgy!!!! I almost got her today if I hadn't bought a new pair of CL's :Push: That bag is definitely living up to its name tho. I can't believe how beautiful she is
  12. Hahaha I LOVE my Chyc bag. No regrets at all and I've been carrying it a lot. :tup:

    Looking at your pics I'm wondering if those are actually the smaller size Chyc? I *think* on the smaller size the flap goes all the way down the front but on the larger size like mine it goes two-thirds down. Not really sure tho.


  13. You're probably right. I looked at the tag inside and I thought it said LG but I may have just read it wrong.
  14. Another Chyc bag from Nordy's.

    chyc $2195.jpg
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