Pre-Fall 2009

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  1. Louis Vuitton Pre-Fall 2009

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  2. ^^ Wow Thanks!

    I like what you have posted! These look more wearable than the S/S runway!

    I better go easy on rose and graffiti! When are these out? Seasonal?
  3. I love the mono bag!!!!
  4. i love the mono bag too.. wished there's a front view of it..
  5. ^^ All the 3 bags are the same, only the material differs. You can see the front from the brown one.

    I am keeping my fingers crossed that they don't cost a bomb.
  6. Wow, very nice.

    Thanks for sharing.
  7. I think the clothes steal the show here. I love look #1 and #2. The bags look so subdued compared to the clothes.
  8. Thanks for posting! I like the look of the mono bag!
  9. I agree. :tup: I like Look 1 but unfortunately, we only have 1 season here.
  10. The whole Pre Fall collection is gorgeous well ok not the whole collection but most of it. Things look promising for FW, I love the balmoral-esque shoes
  11. OOOH i really like the mono version of this bag. guess it was a good thing i layed off of graffiti.
  12. OMG, these bags are fabulous!!! I now have something to look forward to! Thank you for these pics!
  13. You did? I wanted graffiti but I am leaning towards rose at the moment. I thot of getting 1 rose and 1 graffiti but I think I'll select just one of the 2 instead and wait for the pre-fall.
  14. yeah i did. i found roses to be just enough loud and bold for me. however, if graffiti is still around in march (tax refund time woo hoo!), then i may take the plunge. but this pre-fall mono bag has me thinking about ditching graffiti all together.
  15. the Mono canvas version seem like its got handle covers and metallic leather trim. but that beige suede looks pretty lush. very promising.