pre-fall 05 gris fonce or 06 s/s gris fonce.....what's the difference?

  1. Has anyone seen both in person? What's the difference between the two (color, texture, veininess, shine). If anyone has pics, please post.

  2. I was wondering this exact same thing. I hadn't heard much aboutthe s/s grey, and in fact had completely forgotten there was one. I know the s/s one was lighter but thats all I know.
  3. I am surprised, the two colors are very similar, check out this picture I just took:

    '06 Grey Twiggy vs. '05 Grey shoulder with '05 Turquoise Planet as strap extender:

  4. Well those are practically the same:shrugs: I wonder if they meant for there to be a difference at all??? Great color BTW.
  5. It might be a what they're doing with Truffle Brown.
  6. Gorgeous grays, RS!!!
  7. i have both the 05 and the 06 in city, they're practically the same color. texture/leather's slightly different, the 05's less veiny and more smooth than the 06, at least that's how they are on mine, i'll try to find the link where i posted my pic
  8. here it is
    gris fonce x 2.jpg
  9. Thanks for the pix! They really are very similar.
  10. They're close, but not identical. the 05 is less veicy, a little darker and cooler. the 06 is more veiny, a little lighter and warmer.

    Sorry about the monster pic.

  11. hahha when the s/s '06 grey came out me and Joseph at BAlNY had a long discussion about the differences, and we both decided we like 05 a tad better. It is a little more dense (color and texture) and more bluey (cooler like deco said), we called the 06 grey the elephant...but OMG I love them both.

    Chriseve and Deco: Your cities are TDF! im steaming with jealousy over here
  12. great pic, thanks. I can really see the difference between the two in that one.

  13. Thanks decophile! BTW - does your 05 grey still have tags on it?
  14. agree with BPT and Deco, the 05's leather's much better on the gris fonce.
  15. You're welcome cracker!

    I took the tags off the 05 grey when I chose it over the 06, and quickly sold the 06.