Pre-Fal 2008 DARK RED

  1. I just wanted to share this information:

    Jenn (clk55girl) attended a trunk show recently and saw this dark red madison bag IRL. She jotted down the color code form the lookbook, while at the trunk show, and then when she got home she called and confirmed with our favorite SA that it's the same dark red color they are expecting on the "vintage lambskin" Jumbo's for Pre-Fall 2008.

  2. Here's a picture of just the dark red Madison:
    PreFall Dark Red.jpg
  3. ohhh, how tempting! I'm still waiting for another bright lipstick red though.
  4. i've seen it irl at the boutique and still prefer the '07 red! wahhh we need a repeat of those yummy hot reds from '05 and '07!!
  5. I'm SO in love with this color. I have a confession Mon. I bought the e/w dark red lambskin Madison. After I talked to Brendan about the color code and the e/w Madison, he told me the the NY boutique was sold out of the bag. Well, I found myself back at SCP making a beeline for the Madison. I'm going to end up with 3 dark red bags. :love: I'm waitlisted for the jumbo and the medium with Brendan, in addition to our purple jumbo lamb. :sweatdrop:

  6. Hi Mon, thank you so much for the photo! You are the best! :yahoo:
    Now that I know how the dark red in prefall collection looks like, I think I may decide to settle with the metallic dark red reissue instead. This dark red madison looks awesome, but I think I may like the metallic dark red reissue better because it is not as dark in color :p.
    Yay, can't wait to receive the metallic dark red reissue next week. :yahoo::yahoo:
  7. I love this color, really pretty!!
  8. Um...PICTURES?:confused1:

    You're so bad. Let's see pics please.:lol:
  9. [​IMG]

    Just thought I'd enlarge it.
  10. Ok. WHAT is that black bag behind the red bag?! Inquiring minds want to know....!
  11. I know, I have been REALLY bad this spring. :shame: Pre-fall isn't going to be any better. The color is deeper, richer, and prettier IRL. I really need to get better camera, mine is obsolete. The trunk show mini flap is an accurate representation of the color IRL. The hue might even be in between the trunk show pic color and my pics. It's a tad lighter than the trunk show pic and a tad darker than my pics.



  12. It looks like the navy glazed classic flap.
  13. great news *Mon*! ~ it's too dark for me! ~ another one off the long list of wants! :woohoo:
  14. It looks beautiful in your first picture. Is that with flash on?



  15. This is actually the perfect shade of red for me - I love the deeper, darker shades :heart:

    Thanks so much again, Mon and Jenn! You're super-sleuthy :tup: