Pre-conditioner treatment for Choo's?

  1. I apoligize in advance if I missed this question somewhere in the sub-forum. I did a search and can't fine anything on this.

    I have a Riki (Drummed in mink) and Rana in shiny (but not patent) black I bought recently and I am seeking advice on pre-conditioning and what to use. I also have a mahala which I have not done any pre-conditioning to, it is fine, but I really hardly use it.

    Do you like lovin my bags? I need to put they guys to use, but want to do the right thing for them.

    Thanks so much!:smile:
  2. I have used Lubriderm and it worked very well....
  3. ^Lubriderm??? Whaaatt????
  4. The only treatment (yet) that I have used on my Shiny Calf Mahala is the AppleGard spray. Anti-stain and rain, snow and salt protectant. I haven't had the guts to use a leather cleaner. For some reason, I'm worried I might lose the sheen.

    On the drummed mink, see first if the sparkles are durable enough when you rub it?