Pre-Columbus day Outlet sale - anyone got her bag yet?

  1. I ordered from the Cabazon outlet during the pre-Columbus day sale. It was rung up on the Friday of that weekend. I haven't gotten it yet, and I'm also in California (northern rather than southern, but still, not on the other side of the country.) Did anyone else get her bag yet? I'm thinking if it's not here by mid-week, I'll call to check on it. Does that seem reasonable?
  2. Seems ok to me. From the Woodbury Outlet, I only ordered a couple cosmetic bags in yellow, and received them already.
  3. I ordered a jacket from Woodbury (was rung up on Thu) and got it the following Wed. All the RTW from Cabazon I received in 2 days. You should call and get the tracking number from them. BV uses UPS.