Pre-Collection Spring '08 Damier Lune Bags INFO Thread

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  1. Release date: December 15th, 2007

    Models (with Hawaiian price- usually add 5% or so for mainland):
    Trotteur: $1,190
    Cabas: $1,330
    Sac de Sport: $1,890

    To my knowlege these only went to the larger stores, if not just the stores that sell men's RTW.

    (Cabas in 3rd pic belongs to Nikkunoniko)
    Group Pic.jpg 00740ma.jpg LVDL4.jpg 00770ma.jpg lvss08aox3.jpg
  2. Thanks for the update. Those bags look so hot. :drool:
  3. I love the azur and chocolate leather contrast...these bags are super hot, great for those who love Azur but don't like vachetta with it (ie., me) the prices aren't bad either!
  4. I saw all these in NYC, the Cabas was $1420 to be exact.
  5. It really looks different which is nice, I needed something different to bring me back to the fold I am not sure I am liking the buckle aspect of the trotteur. Apparently either the production is slow or its just another limited thing as most stores didnt get but 1 or 2 of each bag and some havent even gotten them yet. The manager at the boutique near me said the actual release date was december 1st and its just that alot of places havent gotten them yet...
  6. I LIKE!!! great traveling piece
  7. I saw them in real life today .. They actually comes in tan color Fabric instead of the baby blue and it comes with off white suede trim .. I originally waitlisted and wanted to give it to DBF as christmas pressie but I have to turn it down @ last ..cos I am just not feeling the white suede. and the fabric . it is too easily stained in my opinion and the new ones already look a little stained to me !! ( Now I am on a hunt for something again .. )
  8. I was worried about the light suede as well as the light color of the fabric in general and that it isnt coated, the weave is not quite as tight as the lin, I think and it might get "stuff" in it easier...I think as nice as it looks I might have to pass too...
  9. Haven't seen them IRL and my store will probably not get these. Can't say I'm sorry though, juding from the pictures. They seemed more "shiny" on the catwalk.
  10. i really want to get the cabas, and my SA says the bag is in, i have to go down tomorrow and take a look. thing is, i saw this link, and the cabas from many angles, and suddenly i don't love it as much as i thought i did. maybe i just need to see IRL.
  11. not a big fan, but I can't wait for the other bags...
  12. i saw IRL today, and no, i still dont love it. something about its rather small size, fabric sides, suede handles and the lack of no shoulder straps puts me off. i have to give it a miss, though there are only 2 in singapore...
  13. I have to say that this collection looks better in pics rather than in real life.

    I saw people trying it but did not get it. The fabric looks good from afar but not upclose. I think it is the fabric (not coated) and vintage (dirty) factor. The booklet says that this is a new canvas created for men so it might be a new permanent line coming out but probably they are testing the response for this pre-collection first.
  14. I love them ... can't wait to see irl!
  15. So the fabric is not coated? doesn't it mean it will get dirty easy then?