Pre-Collection S/S08 Damier Lune Men's Bag Launching Dec 15/07

  1. It's called the Damier Lune. There are 3 designs with prices ranging between approx. USD1450 (Messenger), USD1600 (Cabas) & USD2000 (Keepall).

    The Messenger design below is for reference but it will be in Damier Lune canvas similar to the second and third pic below.



    I like the first 2. :smile: It's launching in Dec 15/07.
  2. Wow i love it.
  3. thanks for confirming the launch date. i can't wait to see them all :nuts:
  4. btw, somebody said the messenger would look more like this:


    or is it definitely going to be similar to the Soana with the flap and buckles? tnx!
  5. nice:drool: I like cabas the most
  6. very cool!
  7. Ooooh,
    I am loving the Azur color contrast, sans vachetta.
    Thanks for the update !!!
  8. Does anybody know anything of the Dogfish-trimmed bags? I'm assuming their also Damier Lune, but in a different colourway?
    Though I'm sure we in Australia have all hope in hell of getting these, due to their exotic nature.

    For once I am more interested in the ready-to-wear than accessories. I have to get me some burnt-orange shorts... :supacool:
  9. yeah, these are nice, but im more interested in the crazy men's damier tote that was in the s/s08 show--was that runway only or is it going into production?
  10. thanks for the info & pics
  11. I saw a pic of the messenger and it is def the one shown in my first pic. :yes:
  12. hmm... i kinda pictured the Damier Lune suiting the Trotter shape better. but i guess i'll just have to wait and see.
  13. [​IMG]
    i think you guys are talking about these bags, and the 2 above are the ones i told my SA to ring me as soon as they are in! it is either or now, and i am so torn!
  14. Yup, those are the 2 bags. Odd thing, the pics I posted has vanished. ???? There was a 3rd messenger pic similar to the kangaroo messenger which is coming out.
  15. oh, i cant wait to actually see them IRL!