Pre-Collection Fall 2014 Bags on the PurseBlog


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OK, no western themed bags this time :P

I know this has been touched on in other threads, but here is the link to our piece on the PurseBlog today, in which we share over 30 pieces from the Pre-Collection

It’s that time of year again! (It’s that time of year approximately six times per year.) There are new Chanel bags in the stores boutiques, this time from the Fall 2014 Pre-Collection. If you were turned off from the overbearing theme of the brand’s recent Dallas-themed Metiers d’Art collection, then this one might be more your speed; it includes a lot of seasonless bags and Chanel classics, plus a little bit of python to satisfy the high-rollers.
Price available on request....

I am not a fan of the jersey, other than that, some nice exotics and pretty classics.

Thanks for looking!


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Apr 13, 2012
I know! Who is going to take one for the team and find out the price?
Things for which it states, "price available upon request" are usually in the $15k range and up. I'd guess this tote is within the $15-20k range, depending on the size. I'm not near a boutique to check right now, but I think that's a good starting point. If it's a large tote, the price may be more. If it was 'gator, you'd be looking at $50-60k.