Pre baby blues

  1. Hi ladies ... I think I am having a case of pre baby blues. We are in the home stretch, and up until a few weeks ago I had been feeling really great. Even the thought of labor pain didn't bother me as we had a great birthing class and I was all ready to go.

    Then we were told we have a bit of a complication and a C section maybe the better way to deliver the baby a bit early. I think that was what triggered the pre baby blues. My perinatologist thinks we shouldn't take the chance of a vaginal (he scared the you-know-what out of us) and should just have a scheduled C section, my OB didn't really think a C section was necessary so I feel like we are stuck in the middle - really don't want to have to make the decision ourselves. Granted, the 2 doctors have not talked directly, and if and when they do, they may come to an agreement and a decision may very well be made for us - I hope so!

    I don't know, I think it's just general anxiety maybe? This is our first and we came a long way in conceiving this baby. I always thought nothing would depress me once I got pregnant. Part of it also has something to do with the upcoming changes ... it's always been just DH and I, and we've had a great marriage, even through the difficult time in getting pregnant. I am just not sure how things will turn out once the baby is here.

    I am worried about something may happen to my baby before the delivery, and of course I am worried and nervous about the surgery itself and complications that may come up.

    Anyway, I was just wondering if anybody has experienced a bit of pre baby blues (for whatever reasons) and how they dealt with it?

  2. hey girl...i felt the same way about a week before my induction....that's why i stayed at work for as long as i did--to keep my mind off of things. and that's why i didn't wash a lot of the baby clothes and things until the last minute, and a lot of it until after he was born. I am really paranoid and a pessimist.

    I really had to psych myself up by telling myself to have positive thoughts, that teenagers have healthy babies, that 50 year old women have healthy babies, that women in worse health than me have healthy babies, that these are routine procedures that drs. do time and time again...that this is the year 2007 and medecine is advanced, the baby is going to be monitored and that everything will be okay. I talked to myself a whole lot the week leading up to the induction, during the induction, after the baby was born. positive outlook can do wonders. it got me through a really rough delivery.

    hang in there...soon you'll get to meet your exciting!
  3. I think it's really normal to feel that way. When I had my daughter the Dr's were telling me different things. I had to have an emergency c-sec with my son, So one Dr was tellilng me I should go ahead and have another c-sec, not take a chance and the other Dr. was telling me she though I would have no problems with a regular delivery. In the end I decided not to chance anything and have a C-sec. Now I am on pregnancy number 3 and I have 4 weeks left. I'm starting to get everything ready too, but I there will always be the worries and what if's?s in the back of my mind. I think we all go through it. It's only natural. I would concentrate on getting everything ready and that should help you cheer up! Everything will go fine!!:smile:
  4. Hey girls ... thanks so much for sharing your stories and your support. :heart: I think once I have a chance to see my OB and talk it over with her, I will feel better. I will take your advice of trying to focus on the positives and keep myself busy with preparing for the baby's arrival.
  5. I started getting them once my induction didn't work out just this past Monday and we were sent home. I feel so dejected and disappointed. But once I shoved those feelings out of the way and focused on the more positive aspect of having a healthy boy and hopefully an uneventful delivery, those blues soon dissipated. I too think those types of feelings are completely normal. My DH and I also think the same way since this is our first. We are so used to it just being us.

    Hang in there b/c I'm in the same boat! We'll get through it!:okay:
  6. 3 weeks before my due date with my first son, I had serious blood pressure issues and they needed to monitor me for preeclampsia... then ended up inducing 3 days later and it was a whirlwind! I had to be on bed rest for those 3 days and it was tough! Going from working 70 hour weeks to doing really NOTHING. It was tough and I almost went crazy thinking about everything that could go wrong. Then, a wise friend offered some funny books that had nothing to do with anything to distract me and that helped a lot. DH and I also ttc for years before my son came along and I was very worried about what would happen to us... it has made us closer and happier than words can describe. He is a wonderful dad and we cant remember what it was like before our son was here. So don't focus on what ifs. Keep doing what you are doing and follow your doctor's advice. The birth experience may not be everything you imagined it would be but the important thing will be for you and the baby to be healthy! Keep us posted!