prayers/positive thoughts for my parents' minpin

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  1. on monday my parents noticed that their elderly minpin's eye had gone a cloudy and was oozing a little. they took her to the vet monday afternoon and the vet said she had an ulcer on her cornea. she said it wasn't very serious and referred them to a doggie opthamologist for friday. well yesterday my dad texted me and said it was worse than everyone originally thought. the opthomogist put her on some medications to clear the infection but said she'll probably lose the eye. she's 15 and basically blind anyway so it won't change her quality of life much but it is major surgery for an elderly tiny dog. she still has quite a bit of spunk left in her otherwise so any prayers would be appreciated.
  2. Awww, poor thing. Sending good vibes your way.
  3.'s to that puppy-baby's speedy recovery.
  4. Aww, I'm sorry to hear this. Prayers for speedy recovery!
  5. I hope the poor old darlin' is ok.
  6. i just talked to my dad...she's on four different hourly meds (painkillers and antibiotics) and they'll know on tuesday whether that saved the eye or not. i'll keep you all posted. thanks for the good thoughts.
  7. my best wishes to your lil' pupper, hope she's ok!
  8. Prince and I wish your parent's furbaby all the best.
  9. Aww...I hope she gets better
  10. Prayers that she will be okay.
  11. the prayers are working! my dad said her eye looks a lot better today. it's obviously still too early to tell anything difinitive but she's has a lot more frisky in her today than she's had all week. she's queen of the house again and putting up a fight against the drops now instead of just lying around and sleeping all the time....definitely getting back to her stubborn self. yay!
  12. Oh that is good news!
  13. tira went to the vet again surgery! yay! the drops are will be a couple weeks before it's completely better but she gets to keep her eye which is wonderful! thank you all for your well wishes!
  14. That is terrific news. And think of all the extra exercise your parents are getting trying to get the drops in the sore eye!
  15. yay! so happy to hear the positive story!