Prayers please?


    I posted this under Health and Fitness and wasn't sure if it should be in General. I am looking for a lot of prayers concerning some health issues I am experiencing at the moment. I am very worried and can use a lot of help:sad: .
    Sorry if you have already read this thread. Thanks everyone.
    Apologies to the mods for posting twice.
  2. I don't know what you're going thru but I pray your health and wellbeing are in order. May God give you the strength and wisdom to endure the difficult and uncertain period. *hugs*
  3. You've got it, girl, hope it all goes well!!
  4. Sending you some positive vibes. Keep safe and take care!
  5. I missed your otherpost so I'm glad I saw it here. You are definitely in my prayers--may peace and healing come your way and the strength to deal with whatever comes.:heart:
  6. Well wishes and many hopes.
  7. Done! ...and will continue. Keep us updated.
  8. Done, hope you will be ok!
  9. You're in my thoughts...lots of poitive energy coming your way :smile:
  10. i have prayed for your good health and peace of mind. :smile:
  11. You are definitely in my thoughts, I hope everything will be okay! *hugs*
  12. Whatever you are going through...

    our prayers are with you .
  13. Sorry I did not see your post before, my daily prayers are with you., and all my saints will be on your side!!!!!!
  14. i'm praying for you, girl...
  15. My thoughts and prayers are with you.. stay strong!