Prayers & Good Thoughts for a family in FL ....

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  1. I just wanted to share this story with you all. Some of you know my mom was admitted to ICU on Wednesday for kidney failure. After two dialysis treatments she is doing much better ... her mental state is messed up because they are not giving her any anxiety or depression meds that she usually takes, but hopefully that will change.

    Anyways, when I was in the ICU I met this wonderful family. My mom and their dad were right next to each other in the ICU and we would sit in the waiting room together waiting for visiting hours. They were just the nicest people and made me feel so much better about being there.

    This morning, my mom was moved out of the ICU to stepdown but all of this man's family was there, much more than was there yesterday. They were so nice and asked about my mom the moment they saw me. Afterwards, when I asked about their dad he had had a turn for the worst. He had to have brain surgery last night and is not doing so well. The man has been married to his wife for 47 years, since they were 16 and 18, and has five children. They were just the most wonderful people, even in the worst situation, so I wanted everyone to keep them in their thoughts and prayers.
  2. I will say a prayer for them as well as your Mom for a speedy recovery.
    Hang in there.
  3. I will be praying for your mom and this family!
    (((Hugs to you))))
    I am so happy to hear your mom is doing better!
  4. Great to hear that your mum is getting better. :smile: I'll say a prayer for that poor man.:sad:
  5. Prayers for your mom as well as the family you met in the hospital. Best wishes.
  6. Glad to hear your mum is better. Sending positive thoughts the way of the man and his family!
  7. Sending postive thoughts for both families
  8. Prayers for your mum & the other family, hope their dad does well.
    Something similar happened to me when mum was in hospital a few years ago, very nice family there but their mum died, so sad!
  9. ^^ it is sad how you get to know people .... I don't even think I learned their names, but they were so nice!

    thanks guys. my mom is doing MUCH better today, she figured out how to use the phone and call and bother me :rolleyes: haha, so I'm going to head over in a bit and check on her. hopefully I will see someone from this family too to check on him.