Prayers for Tippett-Spike please!

  1. Hey folks!

    I don't post here often, but I do read a lot about your pets. I am asking a big favor of you all... please put our little terrier Tip (full name Tippett-Spike J.) on your puppy prayers lists... I had to take her to the vet a bit ago. She's suddenly gone lame, her hind end has been collapsing on her and she was falling down. This is pretty sudden and a worry... she's 13 and a half years old. They are keeping her at least overnight, taking blood and doing xrays and the like. I sure appreciate warm thoughts for my buddy.

    I'll let you know how she is as soon as I find out. My vet is the greatest, and if she can, she'll cure Tip. This is doubly hard since Tip is also "mommy" to Lady N, my Newf/Golden and Phaser, our cat. They are having a hard time right now because their partner in crime isn't here.

    THANK YOU ALL! I so appreciate this!
  2. awww poor Tippett!!!
    Hope he's's so heartbreaking when a pet is sick!!!
  3. Oh Speedy, I'm so sorry that Tippett is not well.
    Lots of good vibes and prayers going out to you and Tippett! Will keep the both of you in my thoughts.
  4. Awww, Peedy, prayers for Tip.
  5. saying my prayers for tippett.
  6. I'm hoping for a fast recovery for your pup! Best wishes.
  7. Speedy I will be sure and include Tippett in my prayers tonight. Please keep us posted.
  8. My Pudge and I are also praying all goes well for Tip. Please take care
  9. I hope everything turns out okay. Hang in there and keep us posted on Tippet-Spike's progress.
  10. I will most certainly say a prayer for your Tippett-Spike J.! I understand how scary it is when a precious pup isn't doing well.

    It's wonderful that she has a Mom who loves her so much! Hugs to both of you! :heart:
  11. Oh Speedy, I am sorry.....sending jingles your pup's way!
  12. Millie, Casey and I are all going to say puppy prayers for your girl! Please let us know what happens! Maybe she will need a wheelchair too, and then we get her a puppy backpack..well you know the story..
  13. I hope that Tippett-Spike will be ok!!! I'll say a prayer for your doggie!!!!
  14. Poor Tip. Hope you get some good news soon. Lots of hugs for your pup.
  15. Sending you (((Positive thOughts))) for a speedy recovery!!!!