Prayers For Bobby

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  1. Well let me go out and say that this movie touched me more then anything. I grew up in a very religous family (catholic) with my brother. Ever since his teen years I've always knew of him being gay and now watching this movie makes me realize how far he's come into being a young man and how far my family's come.

    What happened to that young man is horrid I couldn't stress it enough that his mother had made the worst mistake possible due to her fear and ignorance. It makes me feel as if there's still kids out there that are going through somthing similar with no hope or sense of support.

    Anyways gals if you have a gay,lesbian,bi relative, friend , close one etc watch this with them because you'll most likely bond with them and support them stronger.
  2. I wanted to see this.. Anyone know when its coming on again?
  3. this sounds very interesting.
  4. I saw the preview and saw it was on later but just couldn't watch it. It sounded soo sad. I guess the Mom didn't want to accept he was gay?
  5. It was very good...sigourney weaver did a great job of course....its even more sad knowing its a true story

    i'm sure it will play and again and again (remember its lifetime :smile: )

    check out their website, they prob have a schedule on there
  6. This was one of the best movies on Lifetime I have ever seen. I bawled my eyes out.