Prayers and thoughts appreciated :(

  1. The family and little girl in this news article...

    Parents urged to keep cars locked - Yahoo!7 News

    are friends of mine. :crybaby: Please keep this sweet little princess Ava in your thoughts and prayers. She is in an induced coma so it is just wait and see if she will recover and if there is any permanent damage. I am hoping with get well wishes coming from all over the world it might just make the difference.

    Get well little one. Love you.

    Thanks for reading.
  2. OMg that's dreadful I will pray for the little one, how tragic. My thoughts are with the family at this time let us know how she does please.
  3. OMG..Im so sorry....thats just heart breaking.Best wishes to her and the family
  4. My thoughts and prayers are going out to you, Ava, the family and everyone involved. I am so sorry!! Keep the faith!
  5. Good heavens!!! I will pray for her recovery. How very tragic.
  6. That's really awful, my thoughts are with her and her family. I hope she gets better, please update us with any news!
  7. My thoughts and prayers to her and her family.
  8. Absolutely...prayers sent their way right now. Thanks for sharing w/us.
  9. Omg :'( She's in my prayers. may god save her. poor little angel :sad: !!
  10. Ugh !!! Horrible ! sending prayers.
  11. Prayers going up for all involved.
  12. ^^^ Count me in, too. I hope she has a full recovery.
  13. Sorry to hear ... I'll be thinking of you and your friends.
  14. OMG so sad... I'll keep her in my prayer!!
  15. How devistating, sending my prayers and thoughts for a full recovery.