Prayers and/or good thoughts needed


Apr 30, 2006
This might be a silly thing to ask for prayers for (or, good thoughts if you don't pray)-but, hubby is on his way to the mechanic with his car. And, I am such a worry wart, it is making me sick.

Please send out prayers or good thoughts that the car will be ok and not too expensive to fix-thanks!
Nishi, didn't you make a similiar post about the car? Or am I totally mistaken? lol I hope your car isn't too expensive to fix! Good thoughts coming your way.
Thank you everybody! Man, I love this board and all of the wonderful people on it!

Hubby got to the mechanic at 8 am and even though he was swamped, he took hubby's car right away-found the problem immediately (water pump died, causing the fan to be knocked loose, etc.), and told hubby it would be ready at 10-he said he was taking hubby ahead of everyone else because he knows hubby has to work (hubby drives for a living -his car is his livelihood) and this is a busy day for him. Not only that-but, the price ended up being half of what hubby thought it would be!!

So, it all worked out in the end. And, because of his car being broken down and at the mechanic, hubby was able to go to my younger son's Christmas party with me at his school (he originally wasn't going to go because he had to work). My son was thrilled to see daddy walk in with me!

Thanks everybody-I love you all!!! Thank you!!:heart::heart::love: