Prayers and Hugs Please

  1. I had to take my Carly in last night because I noticed loose stitching where the strap connects to the bag. My SA said that she checked for another Black Leather Carly but they are gone. She told me that my Carly could be restitched, but I'm still a little nervous. Can I have a Coach Family Hug Please?:sad:
  2. Hugs !!
  3. ((((((Many hugs to you)))))) :cry: I am so sorry, I hope that you get your Carly back and it's perfect!
    You are making me think that I to check my Carly out right now.
  4. oopps! that I need to check
  5. OH no I hope you get your Carly, hon! *HUG*
  6. Big Carly Hug!!
  7. Oh no, poor Carly! I hope everything works out *crosses fingers*
  8. I hope this gets taken care of! Good luck and lots of hugs!
  9. *** Hugs***

  10. I feel your pain too, not too long ago i noticed on my Soho Tweed Satchel (the one with the bow and swavorski crystals) that it was missing one of the crystals!!! I wanted to faint! I had just bought it last year at Marshalls... and believe you me that I checked it up and down (just in case it was damaged i could get a discount !! lol) and it was perfect but then I use it TWICE and it has one little crystal missing... AHHH I called COACH and they told me to take it to the boutique with $20 to get it fixed but it could take up to 6 weeks.... I'm afraid... should i?
  11. Oh, I'm sorry. Hugs. I hope you get it back in better shape than ever.
  12. I hope your Carly gets the help she needs. *hugs* Hang in there. :smile:
  13. hopefully carly will come out of surgery better than new. :smile:
  14. That sucks!! Hopefully they can restitch it for you!!
  15. (((((hugs)))))