pray spears cuts this bank drainer from her life

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  1. K, gossip shows that federslime is seen with this French Actress, who aparently is 'easy' like the open breezey...Now that somebody is PUBLISHING photos to prove his slimness, britney will hopefully say Goodbye,an not let him back...
    then she can get back to her blonde, golden skin, ab sexy self!

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  2. What a scumbag! I hope Britney made him sign a prenup...
  3. Once a loser always a loser !
  4. It's too bad she didn't see the slim oozing from him, like we did! What a low class scumbag, it makes me sick to look at him :sick: ...all he does is impregnate women and leave them for the next victim!
  5. LOL, I totally agree, I miss the old, hot Britney!!

    **People are saying she's a French Actress, but I also heard she's a fan?? Since when does K-Fed have fans?
  6. Brit knew what she was hooking up with when she married this guy.I can't imagine dating someone that looked like he just crawled from under a rock much less marry him.

    I wouldn't let this guy clean my toliets :sick: .
  7. As grimy as he is...its just Brit's karma working..I mean, she stole him from that other woman who has two of his kids..its just a never-ending circle. Should she even be that surprised? He is the ultimate gold digger!
  8. :sad2: Like the old saying goes,"What goes around comes around."
    She's just reaping what she sowed !
  9. Ugh.
  10. He's a gold digger now but Shar Jackson (his ex wife) was just a normal girl like all of us.
  11. hmmm...i wouldn't be surprised if he cheated on her but i doubt he would walk around with his fling in broad daylight with paparazzi all around. he stupid, but not that stupid. at least that's what i hope.
  12. I heard on one of those entertainment shows that she's a dancer, and her and k-fed are working on choreography for some new music video.
  13. Yes! I loved the old Britney!

    Lol about the second comment too!
  14. Actually Shar is an actress. She was Moesah and was a supporting acctress in many tvs shows and movies. Kfed ha always been a golddigger, he just traded up with Britney.
  15. I think the only Fans that Kfed has are the ones that are fans of Britney's money!