Pray for me: I just shipped my entire LV collection to my new address

  1. I am moving in about a week, up to my dad's place in Washington State. Because of the value of my handbag/accessory collection, I decided to ship everything UPS in two boxes rather than risk it all on the moving truck.

    So I just packed all of my babies up in two big boxes, insured each one for six grand (!) and said bye bye .... :crybaby:

    Cross your fingers for me! I miss them already. I'll be carrying my lovely Kooba for a while...
  2. Fingers crossed!!!!!!! I'm sure everything will be just fine :smile:
  3. I'm sure they'll arrive safely. *fingers crossed*:yes:
  4. Will light a candle for you tonight...:yes:

    Must be sad to be separated from them for even a day, or for me, an hour... :yes: good luck!
  5. It just occurred to me how glad I am that I have detailed photographs of each and every one of my bags and wallets! Whew...
  6. Oh Jane - I'd be a bit of a wreck. I'm sure it will be just fine though! When UPS sees the insured amount I'm sure they'll treat the boxes with kid gloves as no employee wants to be responsible for that damage/loss claim.

    On the bright side, when you arrive in WA and unpack the box it will feel like you're getting a bunch of new LV all over again!! :yahoo:
  7.'re brave.....
    I don't think I'd have the nerve to do that.
    They would have to all physically come with me!!
  8. OMG! I'm sure you're a little stressed out thinking about it but I'm sure everything will arrive just fine...keep us posted and good luck with your move!!! :smile:
  9. Oh, Jane! I can empathize with what you must be going through. They're your babies after all. Everything will turn out the way you planned and your precious LV collection will be there for you. Good idea on the insurance and separate packages! I am sending prayerful thoughts to you!!
  10. Fingers & Toes firmly crossed for you!
  11. I wish it would all fit in the car with us! Thanks everyone.

    We are taking two kitty cats in the car up north, as well as things that are priceless, irreplaceable, uninsurable: photo albums, all of my journals, letters, and the like. I figured let's face it, handbags can be bought again, but if something happened to 10 years of my diaries I would be inconsolable.
  12. good luck jane!!! i'm sure your babies will arrive safely! :smile: have a safe move as well. :smile:
  13. praying for you, good luck on your move!
  14. Good luck! I hope they arrive safely! :yes:
  15. Good Luck!:smile: