Pray for Einey

  1. Einey, our little 3 1/2 lb pom in my avatar, had an accident this morning. We were loading the car to head to the beach for the 4th of July. He was in my teenage daughter's arms and squirted out, landing on his bad leg on our wooden floor, breaking it. He broke it above the plate that is holding the lower part of his left front leg together after it was originally broken at his horrible backyard breeder's house (they didn't provide him with ANY care for 3 days - just called rescue to come get him or they'd put him to sleep).

    We were VERY lucky to have gotten ahold of our wonderful doctor immediately after it happened and now he is resting comfortably at his hospital. We'll have x-ray results tomorrow but it's highly possible that he may become a tripod (amputee). This is OK but not what we would prefer. He usually hops around with he good three legs, holding his left one up because he has been like that most of his life. But he has been running on all four like a little jack rabbit, chasing me and my daughter, so we are hoping he can keep his leg!

    Please send prayers and good zens for our boy. We love him very much and want him to have a speedy recovery, no matter what it might be.
  2. Aww crap. What a sad accident. I hope little Einey is feeling better soon, and that the vet can save the leg. If not Einey will adjust quickly and be back at it!!
  3. ^^ thank you.

    It's just that it breaks my heart that he has to have surgery again. I'm just so thankful we reached the doctor at his office on his day off. So lucky.
  4. Oh, that is so sad, my heart goes out to you and I hope for a speedy recovery for your dear baby! I will keep him in my thoughts, please be sure to keep us updated on his progress. Hugs!
  5. ^^ Definitely. Thank you so much!
  6. I am praying for you. I know you are so worried. These days, vets are able to do so many wonderful things. I hope your baby feels better soon!
  7. Awww, poor guy. I hope Einey is back up and bouncing around soon.

    He is adorable!
  8. Poor adorable little Einey!!! I hope he is okay! :heart:

    Let us know how he's doing!
  9. poor little guy. I hope his leg heals up okay. Of course tripod dogs usually look completely happy but it's always best to have all your legs. He's so cute!
  10. Me and mine send prayers and wishes for a speedy recovery to Einey!
  11. That is so sad! I can understand how you feel. My little doxie got hit by a car and then a truck when he ran into the street six months ago. I was beside myself. He has healed completely, thank goodness.

    I hope your little guy does as well. Good docs help alot. It sounds like he's been through quite enough.
  12. Sending lots of prayers Einey's way! Keep us posted on his recovery!
  13. awwww poor Einey!! Hopefully he will be able to keep his leg, but perhaps he will be better off, if it causes him too much discomfort. Sending my thoughts and well wishes his way.
  14. Thank you everyone! Your support means so much! I'll update Thursday with news of his x-ray results.
  15. hope he gets better soon!