Prank Leaves 75 Gnomes Without Homes

  1. posted 5:23 pm Thu November 01, 2007 - SPRINGFIELD, Ore.

    (I know this happened in November, but it was just too hilarious NOT to share!)

    A number of gnomes have taken sanctuary at the Springfield police station. Somebody apparently collected 75 lawn ornaments from around town and then, on the night of Oct. 17, placed them meticulously on and around the lawn of one house. Among the plastic and porcelain geese, deer and frogs are gnomes, such as a weather gnome outfitted with a rain gauge. Police want to find the rightful owners.

    "We need to get them out of here," Capt. Richard Harrison said. "Every time I leave my office they're sitting in my chair, working on my computer. I can't seem to get rid of the darn things."

    There will be a public viewing Tuesday.

    "If they come here and they can identify it," Harrison said, "we're more than happy to let the gnome go home."

    After that the gnomes, and any other ornaments, will be sold at auction.

  2. Are the police going to hold a lineup?
  3. Wow, how bizarre.
  4. Awwh if only I got to see a picture with this.
    How time-consuming, I'm much too lazy too want to do this. :lol:
  5. Oh, my. Homeless Gnomes.

    The humanity... oh, the humanity....
  6. I actually did see a picture of this when it happened. I enjoyed it :lol:
  7. I'm sure a grandmother somewhere feels pretty violated right now...
  8. LOL I wish I saw a picture of this.
  9. lol that's pretty funny.
  10. what is a gnome?
  11. [​IMG]
  12. Ever see the Travelocity commercials? Those are gnomes.
  13. I think those commercials totally ripped off the film Amelie.
  14. My mom got a bunch of wrapping paper (I forget from where) but on one roll, it was covered with rows of gnomes. It was the cutest thing!
  15. When I was a kid, there was a Disney foilm called "The Gnome Mobile". As I recall, Walter Brennan was the head Gnome.

    A Gnome is like a very fat hilll-billy fairy.