Prams/ cots/ stroller

  1. Hey fellow pregnant tpf ladies! Does your choice of prams/ stroller reflect your good taste in designer purses ang clothing?? Which prams/ strollers have you bought?
    The most important thing to consider is of course our baby's comfort and safety, but it wouldn't hurt to have a good looking stroller as well ;)
  2. No, ours doesn't really reflect my taste in handbags. We bought a nice pram that fit our needs and was a nice color. Ours isn't a designer pram like Bugaboo or anything, that's not what we were going for when we bought it :smile:

    All we wanted was one that fit our needs and was good quality
  3. Our choice in strollers was primarily related to function.

    We have the:
    Bugaboo Cameleon (although I did choose black for the fabric color)

    McLaren Quest Sport (purely function!)

    Peg Perego Venezia (We picked this out b/c it accomodated our PP infant carrier, but we also liked it b/c it wasn't too infantile in colors)

    Now we have to get a double stroller to add to the collection since we're going to have 2 under 2.
  4. Bugaboo is awesome. very light weight and easy to use~ Cameleon is the best!
  5. I wouldn't say that my choice of stroller had much of anything to do with my handbag tastes...

    We have the Mac Laren jogging stroller (the three wheeled one), which I use quite frequently for (what else) jogging. It's too bulky and too hard to manuver in tight spaces for much of anything else, though.

    I also have a cheapo umbrella stroller that I bought at Target about 8 months ago... I was out of town and needed something... But I hate it, it's too short for me and not adjustable and it has no canapy to shade my DD, so I am looking at getting something else...not sure what, but I will probably go looking at one of the re-sale shops... there are a lot of them in my area that specialize in higher- end baby and kid stuff.

    As far as cots, we choose a Simmons cherry wood one that converts to a head and foot board for a double bed. It wasn't cheap, but I considered it an investment, since it will grow with her.
  6. I don't think so. I just wanted lightweught and not too bulky. I ordered a Combi, which should come in today and I have a McLaren Volo which I love. Carseats are another story however. I am obsessed with cars and my carseats have to match my cars. I just ordered a Recaro for my daughter in black and silver.

    I watched the video on the website and was sold immediately!
    Haven't actually used it yet... no baby to put in it quite yet hehe. But have been tinkering with it and rolling it around the house and love it!
  8. No reflection since I did not use a cot pram or buggie for any of my 3 kids.

    I do have some rocking custom made slings I wore my kids in, so I guess they did match my handbags, lol!
  9. I don't think so either. However, I just recently bought the Peg perego Duette to match my Venezia, and matching car seat! LOL! I only used my duette once. But the Venezia I use all the time with my youngest~even thought I bought it for the new baby! Here's mine:
    Here's the Duette
    And Here is my Venezia
    I love how you can make the venezia and the duette into a pram. These are definiately worth the money!
  10. I guess I should be answering my own question too :smile: When we were looking for the right pram for our baby to be, we were very concerned about the safety and comfort of our baby. Second was our own comfort in pushing the pram, since there is a significant diffenrence in height between me and my DH, it was important to get a pram with adjustable push bar and a pram which is easy to manouvre in the snow during winter time :smile: Our SA recommended the Mountain Buggy to us and what a bonus it was that they come in diffenrent designs :smile: This is what I got:


    I can't wait to use it!!!
  11. That's really cute! I love it! My Venezia also has the adjustable push bar also. But DH is not much taller than myself *snicker*! I love that feature.
  12. We have the Venezia for my granddaughter, but I want to get a Maclaren for ease of getting in/out of the car.
  13. For me, a stroller is all about functionality. I have all Maclarens and I love them. I have the Techno XT, Triumph and the Volo.

    But, if I was pg now, I would get the Stokke one for a newborn (where the baby sits higher). It's amazing.
  14. I have the Bugaboo Cameleon and the Maclaren Techno XT.

    Both provide comfort and are stylish. They have different functions.

    Maclaren:travelling to other countries/shopping in the city(narrow aisles)/quick lunches/airports/errands, lightweight (14.2 lbs), can recline in 4 positions!

    Bugaboo: shopping in malls/general strolling/luncheons and parks/outdoors (less crowded areas).

    I :heart: them both and have no regrets in purchasing them.
  15. I'd love to get the Maclaren Techno XT as well since we'll be travelling a lot :smile: The Maclaren strollers are great for travelling and shopping :smile: :tup:

    I'll ask my DH to get it for us when he travels to the USA this fall :smile: