praline owners!! how is it holding up?

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  1. Hi, I would like to buy a praline city. my question however would be how is praline holding up in terms of fading, color tfrs, warming of handles etc....

    would really appreciate if praline owners would let me know if it would be really high maintenance! thanks
  2. I have a praline First and it still looks new. I haven't had problems with color transfer or warming at this point. I did condition the bag when I received it and carried it steadily during last Spring/Summer.
  3. hi, thank u for your reply. may i know what did u condition it with? also, how about the handles? n do u have any probs of denim tfr? thank u:smile:
  4. Since I have the First it doesn't hang low enough with the shoulder strap to come close to my jeans. I haven't had any problems with color transfer. I carry it by the handles quite a bit too. I'm not sure if the city would be on your hip more and pick of jeans transfer...

    I used apple guard conditioner. I used it all over on my praline bag. On my black bag I just put a little on the corners every few months to keep them from showing any wear. It works great! :biggrin:

  5. I have a praline Work and it still looks new but I do take care of it - I don't use it everyday (on the average, I probably use it 3x a month), I don't put it on the floor, and I clean and condition it using Apple. So far, no warming of the handles, it has not faded nor have I experienced any color transfers :smile:
  6. I have a Praline Flap, so I can't say anything as to warming, but the colour is still perfect. No fading and no transfer (which I was actually expecting considering how light it is).
  7. I fell in love with Praline last year! I was nervous about upkeep, too, so I bought a CP as a tester.

    I can't comment on warming, but I throw my CP around from bag to bag on a daily basis. I use it as a pouch for makeup, so my hands are often less-than-sterile when I touch it, and so far it has resisted soiling. I did condition and protect it with Cole Hann products - and it still looks great!

    I think that as long as you are careful to avoid rubbing it against brand new jeans, you'll have no problems. Beautiful color!!
  8. i had a GGH praline city (had to sell it) - overall it's not as high maintainence as the other light-coloured leather bags I have... but the handles got dirty after a while and it was hard to get the dirt off.. it was quite frustrating

    as for the colour transfer problem, I usually carry it on my shoulder and let the shoulder strap hang to avoid such problems... if you use the shoulder straps more often then the handles might not turn out like mine :P

    Praline is a gorgeous colour.. If you like it, then go for it! Just take very good care of it :smile:
  9. I have a Praline SGC which i use on a daily basis. Several times my blue jeans rubbed off a little on the bag but i quickly washed it off with stuff from a pro bag wash shop. The handles are really gone though. Will be bringing it to a bag spa soon for a major clean out. but the colour has hold up really well. Cheers!
  10. I just bought a Praline day! I'm also interested to see how it will hold up! This is my first style in the day and I got it because I didn't want the handles darkening. I'll keep you posted, but would love to hear others chime in as well!
  11. :smile: