Praising Nordstorm over jean issue

  1. I recently purchased a pair of True Religion skinny jeans from Nordstrom. They looked awesome on me when I tried them on in the store and I had them alter the jeans since I'm so short. I finally got the jeans back on Tuesday, and as soon as I got home, I tried them on. They looked awful on me!! I wasn't sure what happened, especially since I was SO excited to get them. I kept thinking, "Oh no! I just wasted over $170 on jeans that I won't be wearing".

    I called them today, to see if maybe I could take them back despite having had them altered. I knew it was a longshot, but I thought that I would try it. The SA I spoke with was really friendly and understanding. She told me that she had to check with her manager...and the manager will allow for the return.

    I know that the situation was totally my fault, but I am SO glad that they were really nice about it. I think the new pair I get, I will take them home with me first to make sure that I really love them. I think it might be the mirrors alternating perception...but in any case, I've never done something like this before (returning altered items), so I'm glad that it turned out ok.
  2. Congrats on getting your jeans returned. I know for a fact that once the jeans have been altered Nordstroms will not take them back. My friend got his Sevens hemmed, but they ended up looking too short and the SA would not take them back. As he was leaving another SA heard and said he would do the return for him. Anyways I'm glad eveything worked out for you!
  3. ^^I'm glad the other SA did the return for your friend. If THEY made the mistake in the hemming process, you should not be stuck with the jeans. It's one thing if you get them hemmed and decide you don't want the jeans. But to make you keep their mistake isn't like Nordy's usual policy.
  4. I love Nordies! I think they have top notch customer service!
  5. Wow that's wonderful service from Nordstrom..I'm glad you go to return the jeans! Now I wish I had one near me to go shop at LOL!
  6. That is awesome!
  7. I'm so happy that they took it back =)
  8. What do they do with the altered jeans, now?
  9. They probably go to Nordstrom Rack

    Nordies rules!!
  10. Nordies is my favorite store. You can't beat their return policy!