Praise yourself!

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  1. Is there an accomplishment in your life that you're proud of? Did you accomplish a long-term goal or make your dreams come true? Praise yourself! I (and I am sure many other people on this board) would love to hear about your achievements! Anything at all!
  2. lol i hate to be the first one to toot my own horn, so to speak, but i have two big accomplishments that i'm really proud of in my life:

    - i got a 1500 on my SAT, including a perfect 800 verbal

    - i went to the grand national championships for debate in high school

    lol i have such nerdy proud stuff.

    i want to hear everyone else's!
  3. I'm about to finish off my Honors Combined Classics and Anthropology degree.. and I'm pretty sure I'm ranked first for the program.

    I'm going to law school !!

    I haven't eaten meat in 4 years !! :biggrin:
  4. Only one thing right now and it's both a curse and blessing - I graduated college with a 4.0 GPA on three degrees in 4 years.
  5. holy crap kathyrose! that's insane & congrats!

    my only praise i have for myself, is keeping myself sane and not buying anything "luxe" for the past 3-4 months. the last thing i bought at LV must've been my desk agenda..
  6. LOL thanks! BF and everyone else thought so. I have no idea how he managed to stay with me the whole time. I was also RA for my last 2 years and in Student Government, Student Activities and Mission and Ministry for all 4 years. I loved college. I loved living that life.
  7. WOW! You guys are amazing! Thank you so much for replying!

    I posted mine with the post at first but then deleted it cause I thought no one would reply but here it is again...

    I am proud of myself for coming to this country not knowing any English and graduating from high school with multiple scholarships and awards only a couple of years later. Also, I am proud of myself for majoring in Math and keeping up good grades when not many people believed in my success! I cannot wait until I can hold the diploma in my hands!
  8. Wow, everyone here is so smart! I am a single mom of a 6 month old finally finishing my degree (i'm on the 10+ year degree plan, but almost done). I've managed to keep my GPA up in the top 10% despite not having alot of free time to study. Last semester I was in labor while taking a test and went to the hospital when I was done with the test. I ended up doing really well on the test, but not so well with labor and delivery...:sad:
  9. I would like to praise someone else. My co-worker came here from the Ukraine 5 years ago. When she arrived nothing was easy for her. She didn't speak a word of english along with many other hardships. She is now a very good ultrasound technician who is able scan all body parts including obstetrical and speaks english as well as I do.
  10. OMG! you ladies are all so smart!!!

    I guess I am proudest of graduating from Law School and getting a very competitive job despite loosing my father during 2nd year law school exams. I also made the National Moot Court Team in law school which was very hard, but so much fun!!!
  11. I'm mostly proud of my academic acomplishments, and the fact that they have paid off:smile:

    ~$15,000 a year for four years merit scholarship from the university I plan to attend
    ~$7,000 a year for four years scholarship from my father's union if you add those two scholarships together, I can go to college for free! (Thank God!:P)

    ~I was accepted into the Honors College at the university I plan to attend (I'll be among my own kind! The nerds! :P)

    ~With the exception of only one marking period (I got a 94.43 in the first marking period of 7th grade), I have had an overall average of 95 or higher every marking period from grades 7-12 (knock on wood...I have one marking period left!:P )

    ~I got into the National Honor Society, the National Math Honor Society, the Science Honor Society, and the Languages Other Than English Honor Society.

    ~I was in the Gifted & Talented program in elementary school (that was fun...they pulled you out of class for a few hours a week to go with a teacher and do logic puzzles and group projects:smile: )

    I have no idea why, but for some reason I'm really proud of the fact that I got the highest grade possible on a Harry Potter test on J.K. Rowling's website:P.

    As you can see, I'm a major nerd, and proud of it!:P I hope I don't sound too show-off-y:worried:
  12. i am proud that i got married right out of highschool and still managed to continue studying till my masters degree and hopefully get a phd soon :smile:
    i am also proud that at 27 i already have a steady committed relationship in a happy marraige .. two beautiful kids ... and a great life :smile:
  13. northernbelle33 - going to college for free is one of the best things that can happen to good people like you! College ain't cheap! I'm just glad I graduated with no loans (I worked for the school and had a partial scholarship and my parents paid for the first year).
  14. Aww...thanks for thinking I'm a good person...that was a really sweet thing to say:shame: :love: :smile:

    Yeah, college is so expensive nowadays. The place I'm going to is around $20,000 a year, so I'm saving my parents and myself over $80,000. It feels so good to know that as long as I keep my grades at the required level, I won't have to deal with that huge financial burden. I can't even begin to imagine how hard it would be to pay off a debt like that.

    Good job on graduating with no loans:smile:
  15. I am proud of myself for graduating college (at the age of 20) in three weeks...and being debt-free.