Praise Vuitton the ban is lifted

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  1. A little while ago BF put me on a ban because well I'd reached the point where my bags were taking over the house. So I was banned until our spare room was converted into a dressing/bag room, it's not ready for it's unvailing just yet but BF lifted the ban :yahoo: we went shopping!

  2. ohh ohh.. live reveal!!!
  3. this is my first live reveal!:popcorn:
  4. Let's start with the middle picture and middle item, I think you may be seeing a lot of these over the next few days lol

  5. Reveal already! ;)
  6. :couch::popcorn:
  7. This is going to be goooood! :woohoo:
  8. Originally I planned to get one big one but after I couldn't decide and Restricter's pics I decided to get two little one's instead......

    Two what?

  9. This one is not for me, BF bought this one as a gift for his mum.

    Pegase 50
  10. And this pic is for all the people with the questions on how does a 50 compare to a 60. Mine is the Pegase 60 in the back it's a few year old so as you can see she has a little tan compared to the new born.

  11. Wow - great way to break the ban!
    Everything is soooo pretty :smile:
  12. O:huh: Label, I love the new goodies SO far... Tell me... did you get to see the Roses Zippy Wallet in person at the store? I am dying to hear about it haha.
  13. I saw the bags but not the zippy, it's bright very bright lol
  14. Gorgeous! I really love your taste!
  15. glad to hear ur ban's lifted LA! Congrats on the graffiti!!