Praise for tPF, the Balenciaga board, and the mods!

  1. I've just really started posting in earnest on this board in the past week or so, after hanging out and checking it now & then for the past few months. I used to go to a couple of other forums/community groups (sad to admit, mainly about gardening and home renovation....I'm getting suburban and dull now that I've hit my mid-30s, but it is nice picking my own tomatoes from the back yard.) I don't go there much because people tend to be snappish, intolerant, cliquish, and confrontational.

    I have been so impressed with how nice everyone on this board is. You are so supportive and helpful - everyone welcomes new members, tries to help people track down what they want and celebrates their successes. You're all so patient with repeat questions and with things that seem really basic from newbies like me. I posted a question earlier today that someone else had just posted, and instead of having my head bitten off, which is the case with most forums I've been on, people were really sweet and helpful. I know I've seen bits and pieces in the past about people being pushy in PMs or being covetous, but I have to say that this is one of the most supportive online communities that I've seen.

    Thank you all for such a great atmosphere. The moderators here clearly do a great job, as do the participants. I wish more sites did so well!
  2. I agree 100%! Thank you for your comments :tup:
  3. So nice to have you officially part of the community, welcome!
  4. Well put, indeed. I am generally pleased with TPF atmosphere overall, though I find everyone in the Bal forum to be particularly obliging and friendly.
  5. what nice things to say! so glad you feel that way. i agree, the ladies and gents on this particular subforum are very obliging and patient, sharing in every persons happiness and frustrations, etc. glad you enjoy being a part of it!:yahoo:
  6. I totally agree! :dothewave: for pf'ers and the great mods!!!!
  7. Aw how sweet!!!

    I am sooo glad to hear you are finding this a valuable and fun place to 'hang out' :tup:
  8. I agree wholeheartedly, it seems like just yesterday I was new here and I had the same thoughts/feelings as you. I wasn't afraid to post and was blown away by the great community. I really find it so much fun to be "here" too. You are so sweet and kind to post your message to everyone. I agree, other online forums do not even come close to ladies and gents here at tPF! The mods are awesome. Welcome!!!
  9. I completely agree. I am still new but already feel at home. Thanks everyone!
  10. Totally agree! :tpfrox::tpfrox:
  11. I can totally relate. I also used to be afraid of posting anything here because I felt that I was not knowledgeable enough (not that I am an expert now or anything ;)) and I didn't want to annoy other members. Thank goodnes that has passed and I realized how friendly and eager to help everyone is here. Welcome!

  12. I felt exactly the same being a newbie poster! I think it helps that we all share a common love of fabulous accessories!
  13. I know what you mean, especially what lured me to tPF was the balenciaga subforum. Thanks everyone!!

  14. I'm so glad that you feel that way!:tup:

    I love the circle of my friends here, and I love how we support each other:heart:

  15. Aw, thanks kim! :shame: I'm always happy when new members find a home in the bbag forum! That is what drew me to this group in the first place.