Praise for Active Endeavors!!!!!

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  1. I bit the bullet and ordered my Gryson Olivia (in camel, which is gorgeous!) on Wednesday. 20% off with the Toutie code and free UPS ground shipping.

    They shipped it UPS NEXT DAY AIR!!!!!!!!! It's here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I wasn't expecting it until late next week at the earlies because of the holiday crush. This was my first order from them but will certainly not be the last!
  2. Lucky you! Hey, is that coupon code expired now? :smile:
  3. That code is usually good all the time...and Active Endeavors IS just super!
  4. ooooh congrats! love the gryson bags!
    how much did u eventually pay for the bag?
  5. UK based and jealous!
  6. Active Endeavors was a great place to deal with and shipping time was wonderful. So was JCMadison and ShopBop. I've really not had a bad experience with anyone I've ordered from. Bluefly was very quick to ship also but very very slow to refund my money.