Praise be my brother posted pics...

  1. At last pics of my new bits; 32 gold togo kelly all the way from NYC... Cape cod watch with fushia croc strap.... Clic -Clac in a petrol blue.... large agenda in framboise.... sorry for delay i am really thick when it comes to computers.....Ps can some clever person move this to the members reference section if possible...? Thanks..:heart:.....Sac en vie has been returned awaiting a surprise.....
    2006_1230bags0105.JPG 2006_1230bags0107.JPG 2006_1230bags0112.JPG 2006_1230bags0117.JPG 2006_1230bags0118.JPG
  2. Nice kelly and I love your yummy accessories!!
  3. Wow! You really hit the jackpot! You've got a little bit of everything there! Love all your loot! Congrats!
  4. Thanks kat , dont know where all my pics of the birkins have gone to , would love to post them agian but my brother had to run.....:hysteric:
  5. ^^^ LOL! You're just as bad as me with pics and computers; I have to bribe my DS each time I need some pics taken, I'm totally clueless...In fact I've got some things now that I would like to post pics of, but he's always got something better to do!:cursing: LOL! Anyway, congrats! Your loot is gorgeous!!!
  6. Congratulations.. love all items.. they're simply gorgeous!
  7. That is just a perfect combination! :love:
  8. Wow, gorgeous H stuff!! A big congratulations to you!!
  9. Gorgeous!!!! :nuts:
  10. CONGRATULATIONS!!! what beautiful items, I love all the colors! thank you for showing them. I love kelly in that color!
  11. WOW, Everything is so COLORFUL and BEAUTIFUL!!!:yahoo: Congratulations!!:yahoo:
  12. Love that gorgeous kelly! Congrats!!!
  13. aawww pretty!!! love ur kelly :drool:
  14. love the kelly and the watch
  15. I love every single thing! Sooo lovely - congrats!!!