1. Has anyone here ever travelled to Prague? or anyone that lives in Prague?
    What is the high tourist season? DH and I are thinking of going in Sept. - would it be less crowded with tourists then? Thanks!:smile:
  2. It depends. I actually just went last week and thought it was so beautiful and incredible, but I think you really need to be careful not to go during a peak time. We went the last week in February which is the "low" season and there were still a fair number of tourists, so I can't imagine how busy it must get during the summer. I would honestly recommend going more towards the winter, since you're going to see the beauty of the city, not necessarily enjoy nice weather. Just my 2 cents though.
  3. I was in Prague last November. We actually picked this time because we thought it was going to be nice and quiet. But despite that fact that it was VERY cold (it snowed a couple of days after we left), it was VERY crowded.

    We were told that Prague doesn't really have the typical "low" season right now as it's sort of the new "it" city to visit. There were a great number of Americans there but most were from neighbouring European countries.

    Prague is hauntingly beautiful but we didn't enjoy ourselves as much as we should have. It was too touristy, too loud, too crowded. The beautiful Charles bridge that leads to Prague castle is lined with street vendors selling cheap and tacky momentos - it kills the feel of the city quite a bit.

    I'd still recommend going there, but dont expect an authentic experience. I mean, I found myself sipping martinis and eating Sushi in Old Town Prague Square (which is all well and good, but I like to eat like a local when I travel).
  4. Thanks for your replies. Babypie- yes it seems like Prague is very "in" now, but I have heard so much about how beautiful it is and I really want to see more of Europe. Unfortunately since the Euro/dollar ratio is so bad, visiting Western Europe might not be in our budget this year.

    Did you visit just Prague, or did you visit any neighboring cities like Vienna, Budapest, Bratislava?
  5. We flew from Amsterdam and then flew to Munich. Time was limited, we'd love to have seen Hungury and Austria. I also know someone who went to Croatia recently and they have raved about how beautiful (and un-touristy) it was there!
  6. ^^^ I agree Croatia is one of the most beautiful places on Earth!

    About Prague I would either choose spring ( April, early May) or autumn ( end of September, beginning October). You will never be able to escape the tourists but there will be less fo them and the weather wont be as terrible as it can be in winter :yes:
  7. You know I have so many questions about travelling- I wish we had a travel forum! I love to hear first-hand experiences about trips to various countries, you learn so much more than you could from a book or the web.

    Nataliam- I have heard Croatia is beautiful. What part did you go to? Is it far from Prague (is a train ride possible?)
  8. I went to Prague in July of 2006 and it is my favorite city in all of Europe. It's historic beauty is simply unmatched by anything else. While it was very crowded on the St. Charles Bridge, most of the tourists disperse on either side and I really didn't notice them after that. There is so much to see and the city is so easily walkable that you want to go during good weather. I recommend visiting the memorial to those who survived communism. Very moving. Also, remember they are NOT on the Euro so you will have to find a reputable money changer.

    And by the by, I am headed to Croatia this July! Guess it's the place to be! I didn't realize I was such a *trendy* traveler!
  9. We just came back from Prague and it's a very beautiful city. Considering now is the low-mid season, there are still a lot of tourists. I would really suggest to check timing and not go in the high season. I can imagine that it will be quite crowded.

    Here are some pics of Prague on my blog

    Have fun on your trip!
  10. ive gone there 2 or 3 times and when we went it was beautiful and not too crowded but thst was almost 10 years ago.. I loved that city! We went on that bridge and i remember someone painting and somebody selling a few paintings but that was it? the movers though broke my crystal figurines from there :cursing:
  11. Autumn is nice. I prefer late september or beginning of October. As everybody is saying. Avoid Peak season!
  12. I went last year in February thinking that it was going to be deserted and boy, were we wrong! The major tourist sites were still jam-packed with people so I can't imagine what it would be like during the summer season. But hotel prices are definitely lower in the winter and I feel like the city is just more mysterious when it's cold and bare.
  13. Is August peak season, maybe begining of Sept? I'm taking my sister after she takes her bar exam (for lawyers). Unfortunately we don't have much room for scheduling.

    Also, is it easy to get to other citys? What are the recommended things to visit/do?

  14. I went the last week of Sept, in 2002, and it was still quite crowded with tourists, but still nice. It was cold but not so cold that we couldn't walk around.
  15. i was there in october 07 and was blown away with it's beauty. i felt like i was in candy land. lol

    with that said, it was very (very!) crowded especially in old town.