Pradasmeadow Appreciation Post

  1. Your posts are super fun to read, especially the celeb observations! I have been home all day with a cold, and just wanted to mention this, since tPF has been making me smile and feel better. :yes:
  2. Yah... I esp. love the boob oops thread heheheheh That makes me laugh, gasp and fall of my chair hehehehe Thanks!
  3. i :heart:heart:heart: prada's meadow!

    the celeb thread would be so much slower without her! i'd have to actually check my celeb blogs....thank you prada for making tPF a one stop shop. :smile:
  4. thanks prada for posting up great threads!!!:P
  5. awww I love me some Pradasmeadow!!

    She's always taking the time to post something interesting for us!!
  6. you are the best,prada:love:
  7. :rochard:
  8. Awww :shame: How so very sweet of you all, Thank you so much ! :love:
  9. You're the greatest Pradasmeadow!!!
  10. Thanks Pradasmeadow!!!
  11. Pradasmeadow always starts the best threads -- thanks!:flowers: :flowers:
  12. She truly has a Gift for finding the most interesting, bizarre, wacked out, fascinating off-the-wall stuff on the internets, and I am grateful to benefit from her generosity in sharing that gift with earth residents.

    Thanks PradasMeadow! :smile:
  13. I love you too Prada!! You're such a sweetie!
  14. I Love Prada!!! She is the best, and one of the sweetest people!:heart:
  15. I agree, I can always count on a lugh when I need it!
    Thanks so much!