Prada's New Leather vs Pleather Lining Mystery

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  1. #1 Jul 26, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 26, 2009
    Okey dokey guys and dolls. I did my investigative exploring yesterday. Here's the conclusion I've come to:

    The 2008 F/W and 2009 S/S bags lined in the pink leather are in fact leather. All the new 2009 F/W with this same pink leather lining appear to be a very well done "pleather" version of the pink leather.

    On appearance, they look very close to being leather. The only thing that gives it away is by actually touching the real deal, then one of the newer bags. The real leather feels like silk while the "pleather" has this very, very faint plastic feel. The real leather lining is much thinner than the "pleather" and the best way to tell the difference is to stick your hand into the zippered pocket in the wall of the bags, roll the leather in your fingers.

    It's really misleading of Prada to do this and not put something about the lining not being leather in their care cards. I also read several of the care cards in different bags and no where does it indicate you are getting "pleather" instead of the real thing.

    The other thing that bothers me is that some of the other bags from S/S 2009 are still on the shelf and do have leather lining. They'll be sitting right next to the "pleather" lined bags. That bugs me, too.

    The ONLY thing I'll say positive about this whole thing is that Prada did price the "pleather" lined bags accordingly and it's a very convincing fake leather. The real leather ones will run a good 15% more (or higher) in price.

    Is there any reason not to buy one of these "pleather" lined vs. geniune leather? Only if it really bothers you that Prada is IMHO being deceitful about it. It seems as though it will wear about like real leather.

    To me it would be like being sold a ring that you believe is a diamond ring, but is in fact, a very well made cubic zirconia ring (and priced as a CZ ring) but the store fails to specify what you are getting. They both may be equally pretty, but *I* want DIAMONDS.... :blah:

    Edit note: This reminds me very much of the "patent" Miu Miu Coffers that were being sold as patent leather when they were, in fact, plastic coated fabric. The difference is that situation was that at least the care cards DID say what you were getting. The problem was that sales associates usually didn't know this, so you'd be sold a patent leather bag that didn't have an inch of "leather" on it.

    Second edit note: this whole thing is really distressing to me as someone who authenticates Prada bags on the AT thread. Even if it's fake, you could tell the fake monogram lining from the real deal. Just looking at photos of this "pleather" is going to make it impossible to use that as a hallmark for authenticity. Groan!
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  2. PP, thanks for the investigation. :smile: I can tell that you really work hard for your hobby and the forum.

    Do you think the pleather will flake easily? I've the impression that other than the conventional classic which Prada has perfected, like nylon, Prada's venture into new finishes isn't as good. So will this pleather they come up with withstand the test of time? I'm looking at the vit daino tote that Chic just got. Hopefully it isn't lined in pleather since I really like her new bag.
  3. Great job, PP!!! Thank you for taking the time to investigate and come back with accurate and credible report. We've said this before, and I'll say it again - it's sad that you know so much more than them Prada SAs!!!! ;)
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  4. Wow- thanks so much for the info Prada Psycho. We are all so lucky to have such a great teacher! I have a bag with the 'pleather' and as much as I don't like that, the price point was right. The beauty of the exterior leather (VT shine) will make up for it.
    It is sneaky that Prada doesn't make it clear as to what you are getting.
    I won't love her any less.
    Thanks again for the detailed report!
  5. Thanks so much PP! We are so lucky to have you! :smile:
  6. It's not "sneaky" so much as it's fraud. Prada have misrepresented the bag to be 100% leather when it's not. Now we know how they managed to cut costs. Heaven forbid they reduce their profit margin! BTW, the same is true of the RTW. A lot of it is being made in Slovakia versus Italy. This may not matter to you but I remember when all Escada RTW was made in Germany. There was no question about whether something would fit. If it was your size, the fit was predictable. Once they started making clothing in Slovenia, their fit was all over the place and now Escada are bankrupt.

    Sorry for the rant.
  7. Wow, you should receive some sort of commission on your investigative reports. I had a feeling that the lower price points meant pleather. It would seem too good to be true if it was real leather.

    With that said, I'll still always be a big fan on the vitello shine bags from the FW 09. It doesn't matter to me if it's pleather or leather. I just want it to wear well which I think it will. And the price point makes it better for my wallet too. It's still good to know...for once NM's website got their info correct on their description of the bag's interior. I'm shocked.
  8. Thank you so much for all you do for this forum!:ty:
  9. Now that you know it is "pleather" you won't feel bad if O's sippy cups leaks in it;)

    Thanks PP....I still think that the line this fall (Vitello Shine) is cool and fun, and even though Prada pulled the wool over some eyes, I am glad to know that we have you to go to for the "real deal."....I still am considering this bag!!
  10. PP, Thanks so much for checking this out. Do you think all of the fall bags are pleather or just the ones at the lower price point? I have the rocker amaranto hobo that I just paid $1950 for and I think the lining in that is identicle to that in my two S/S bags - one purchased at $1950 and the other on sale for $14XX.
  11. Pleather!!! in PRADA bags?!? Say it ain't so!!!
  12. #12 Jul 26, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 26, 2009

    Not all have the "pleather" lining. There are a few bags at or over the 2K mark that are leather, but it's that same pink color as the pleather is.

    If I'm remembering the bag you got correctly, yours is pleather. Post a pic or a thread (you're so busy I can't keep up with your new bags) and I'll see if I can clarify what you have.

    This is the bag you're talking about, right?


    It's Pleather!

    Here's my FW '08 vitello shine bag. Look at the lining. It's a bit more beige, more crinkly and not as shiny (I also used a flash). This IS leather.


  13. Sickening, isn't it? :yucky:

    I just can't imagine that the pleather is cheaper to make than the good old signature monogram fabric lining and given a choice, I'd rather have the monogram lining than FAKE leather.....
  14. Me too. We had a big party last night and I am totally hung over but tomorrow I will take inside photos of all three of my vitello shine bags.
  15. ditto