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  1. Anybody Know When Prada Is Going On Sale? I Haven't Been Notified Yet, I Usually Receive A Card In The Mail, I Thought They'de Be On Sale By Now!!!
  2. U guys r WAYYYY too late. I went to a store 10+ days ago and they were at now there will be nothing left.
  3. their private sale was Nov 30. I was invited but didn't go
  4. I went to the Prada boutique at SOHO yesterday and they still had plenty of bags on sale for 50%. Most of bags are in off-white though. I did found gorgeous bags in black, but they are too big for my size.
  5. do post some of your finds :smile:

  6. Sorry, I'm not very farmiliar with Prada bags and their names. The two black ones I saw are large shoulder bags, with gold hardware. There are metals attached to handles so they are heavy. One of them has a dome framework.
    I'll try to find some pictures online then post here.
  7. Are shoes on sale also?
  8. no worries... me neither.. i was just curious about which ones were on sale and how much os a discount...

    thanks a bunch!