1. Have you used Prada cosmetic cases? Do you like them? Is the nylon durable?

    Any advice would be appreciated!
  2. Nylon is extremely durable...worth every penny
  3. There is no nylon like Prada nylon. And Jill is absolutely right...worth every penny.
  4. Love Prada...As For A Cosmetic Case ~ I Would Most Recommend Prada. Very Well Made & Very Easy To Take Care Of.
  5. ITA
  6. Yup. My current cosmetic bag is a black nylon Prada and it has lasted beautifully! A great deal in my opinion. :yes:
  7. Thank you for replying everyone!
  8. I have this Prada toiletry bag- really spacious and easy to clean. I love it! (Pic from Bluefly though I didn't order from them)
  9. Yes, it is definitely worth the money. It's so easy to clean.
  10. yeah the prada nylon is the best (still would not pay 500 bucks for a nylon bag though)..