Prada zipper bag

  1. Hello Ladies,

    I just bought the August issue of Vogue and noticed the Prada zipper bag, I searched the forum and managed to find a few pictures (both were in black).

    I'd like to ask about the smaller rectangle bag. I noticed some have like a metal plate/lock on the front while others dont. Do you know what colors they will be coming in and if there is a price difference between the ones with the metal lock and those that dont. Are they already in the boutiques I havent been in to check.

  2. I have posted pics of some if u do a search....there are a gazillion diff styles...colors out there...
  3. I did do a search before posting, I was only able to find the bag in black, and in one of the two tone colors. Thats why I was asking if there were any other colors and if there was a price difference between with the metal lock and without.

    Thanks for the reply Jill, I think I will check in with the Prada boutique for more info.
  4. ^The boutiques and the deptmt stores in the USA all carry diff lines.Each exclusive to their own stores ..In some its best if u check out both the boutiques AND the stores.They all have diff variations!
  5. It is a beautiful bag.
  6. The bag with the plate costs about $2300 - much more than the same version with out the plate!