Prada Woven Leather Pumps?


May 23, 2009
G-orgeous H-eaven
I have a couple of Prada bags and some wonderful shoes too (I think about 5 pairs) but I'm not used to posting on the Prada Forum so I hope you don't mind me coming from 'out of the blue'

May I have opinions on these shoes from the next season?

Please tell me your opinions on anything about the shoes but one thing I am a little concerned about is my Pradas have straps and they are all fine but I have had problems keeping on one pair of Miu Miu hidden-platform courts on. They fit fine when I'm still but perhaps because I have high insteps I seem to 'walk out of them' (has anyone experienced this prob). Should I buy them .5 smaller than is first comfortable or should I just give up on this style of shos made from Prada's company's shoe's last.

and another dilemma, which colour? :P