Prada worldwide exchange policy

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  1. Dear all.
    I just have to ask, does prada allow (international) inter-store exchange?? I bought this medium size saffiano cuir double bag in milan today and im leaving to go back to my country soon so i cant go back to the store in milan to exchange. But i really hope to exchange to a small size in malaysia/singapore/other milan/dubai airport if possible. Does anyone know if that is possible? Thanks
  2. I bought shoes in Portugal and after I came home noticed a big flaw. They didn't want to give me refund but were kind enough and offered me store credit. I don't live in Portugal and dont have store in my country and they offered me to send them to the closest store and I decided not to send them but to travel to another store in Italy and they have issued me a store Credit which has to be used in the country that issued a Credit, in my case that is Italy. You should send an e-mail to Milan store and ask them to contact sales manager in Malaysia for example. I am sure they will be flexible.
    Btw, which color you bought? :smile:
    I have black and caramel and would Like pale grey, think it's called Pomice :smile:
  3. Forgot to tell you that I have an e-mail of lovely store manager from Via Montenapoleone store.