Prada woc

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  1. It's Mother's Day in the UK this Sunday, plus it was my wedding anniversary last week, so I got a little treat :smile: I love it and can't believe I was so brave with the colour!
    I've been on the fence about buying this for a couple of years, but I'm glad I bit the bullet!
  2. Great color!! Love the woc! Congrats :smile:
  3. #3 Mar 2, 2016
    Last edited: Mar 2, 2016
    I'm not usually a chain on bags fan, but it is so superb that I am revising my opinion.

    That is a magnificent pick-me-up on a grey day; I hope you have a wonderful time with her!

    And congratulations on your wedding anniversary!
  4. Really nice, where I can get it?
  5. Congrats on a fab purchase!
    Enjoy her :smile:
  6. Congratulations! what a beautiful treat =)
  7. Thank you guys! She hasn't left the box yet. I work at a secondary/high school, so a bit too flashy for that environment!
  8. What color is this? Can u hide the chain inside the wallet and still have more room for cash or cards?
  9. It's fuoco and the chain is detachable, so it can be used as a wallet too :smile:
  10. Loooove it, gorgeous color!:smile::smile:
  11. Thank you :smile:
  12. Just a little update, initially I felt like the bag sat too high when worn crossbody, then a YouTube video that I watched last week showed how the strap was adjustable (I obviously didn't pay too much attention when I bought it!) I haven't stopped wearing this bag since. It looks so much better now. It fits my cards, iPhone and keys no problem at all.