Prada white bowler or Miu Miu patchwork?

  1. If you can handle white color, I'd suggest go with Prada Bowler. It is much more classic and elegant.
  2. Really depends on your style. Mine is very casual so I prefer the patchwork. Actually, I just bought it also hehe and love it!
  3. These are two bags that are Soooooo different in style, I guess that it would depend on what you are looking for? I personally had the Miu Miu Patchwork and found it to be wonderful in color and style. A soft and supple leather that was very easy to carry. The Prada seems to be a far more structured bag and in such a lighter color. It's like apples to oranges IMO. :shrugs:
  4. Miumiu patchwork, love love !!:heart::tup:
  5. Prada white bowler!
  6. The patchwork is rather large IRL and I thought is felt like a cushion. I do like the antic effect though. Go for it if a big bag is what you are after.
  7. The white Prada is very stylish- but its also very lady. I am a student Id take the Miu Miu to Jeans a nice pullover... though i like the prada - but on my mother or be in 5 years!:smile: