Prada Wavy / Stripe Catalog Pics

  1. Hi. I got this last night and thought that I would share.:yahoo: Enjoy!
  2. More pics ...
  3. and the last 2 ...
    DSCN3051.JPG DSCN3052.JPG
  4. Absolutely...
  5. I have to be honest, I am not a big Prada fan. I like their bags, but i usually end up with Balenciaga. I only went to the store to see their "sample" fairy bag and to be put on the wait list. I thought that these wavy bags looked pretty in picture, but when I saw them in person ... I really did not like them at all. Made me think of a bad 80's bag. Way too much $ too!!!
  6. Thx for posting the pics. I think a small accessory like Jill mentioned in a prev thread wold be cute for s/s but definitely not a print for a bag.
  7. I think the wavy bags that are rounded in shape photograph exceedingly well -- I did not like the wavy look on the rectangular bags at all.
  8. Does this collection come in black/gold stripes? Could anyone tell me the name of the black/gold stripes collection? I saw them in the store and had to rush, so didn't get a chance to ask???

    Many thanka

  9. I kinda like the wallets coz you can get away with more colorful wallets but hard to carry as purse. Not a fan of the price tags either!!
  10. Oh my god I can't believe they are that much money...I thought the pouch would be around $1000....Now I can't get it :crybaby: That's way too much for a little pouch.
  11. I bought this one at the Prada store in Rome in January. I think I calculated converting to dollars and subtracting out the VAT refund, it came to around $850. Too much, but it was one of those bags that I had to have and will use for years (I wear a lot of pink, purple and red, so this will go with everything).

  12. If anyone wants to spend over 2K for this one, they have one and only one in at NM in Charlotte/Southpark Mall. It's too much psychedelic for me, but if you're one of the ones loving it, they have this and the clutch (in the same colors) $995