Prada washed pocket bowler question! TIA

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  1. Hi. I just love the Prada washed pocket bowler and think I once saw someone carrying it in a "natural" color (light tan). On NM, although out of stock, it only shows in cream or cocoa (the cocoa is darker than what I remember seeling). I've also seen it sold in python (that DEFINITELY wasn't what I saw). Do any of you know if it comes in the natural color and if it's available anywhere?? TIA.:confused1:
  2. Picture? Not sure which one you mean.
  3. That color came out around christmas 05 - there was also a light blue version.
  4. ooooh.... and of course I can't show a picture since I can't find any and didn't even know for sure that it existed! Hmmmmm....2005.....maybe it will show up on ebay one day??? Thanks cougess for the info!
  5. Is this the one?

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  6. Actually, this bag has something better than the one I was interested in: a single strap! What is this one called? Thanks for your help!
  7. i think i saw both designs at saks boston. you might wanna call and check it out if you're still interested.
  8. ^^ooh- that's a pretty bag!