Prada Washed Leather Bauletto Worn By Cassie

  1. Hi Guys,
    I've been searching, mainly on the internet, for this Prada Distressed Washed Leather Bauletto Satchel in Tan. They had it up on Amazon and, but it has since been pulled out of stock! Can you guys give me any information as to how I can cop one?





    Here is more information about the bag from the listing previously listed on

    * Hardware: Silver
    * Style: Washed Leather Handbag
    * Designer: Prada
    * Features: Leather
    * Dimensions: 16 1/2in W x 8in H x 4in D

    This is Prada's gorgeous sleeper bag. Generously sized, with ample room for everything you need, this Prada bag will be the envy of all who see it. Incredibly soft, supple leather has the feel that has long been loved and will instantly become your everyday Prada. Luxurious, decadent and makes us shudder with delight. Trust us, just swing this over your shoulder and you'll never want to leave it home. This is authentic Prada. 100% Prada. 100% Guaranteed.

    Any ideas much appreciated!
  2. I don't know for sure, but you should be careful about Amazon. People have had problems with fakes from that website.
  3. I agree, you should be careful when your dealing with Amazon.
  4. That bag went on sale at NM a few months can call and see if they have any left
  5. Thanks for the info guys. I called and they said they can order one from Italy for me. :"P I will have to check NM soon too.
  6. I was wondering if anyone has seen one of these bag anyplace? I know they must all be gone by now, but I would love to have one. Any sightings??
  7. Oh, I have seen this one up for some time. Thanks! I think I will wait for the other one to pop up sometime.
  8. ^^^Yooooo, the white is PRETTY.

    Although Im sure she wont want that color. Good huntin though! :tup:
  9. i simply love the bag from Prada. cassie is using it.. I will also save to get this bag if its available at NM.

  10. I'm totally out out of touch with the entertainment world.

    Who is Cassie? No last name?

    I've walked past celebrities and was totally oblivious. Somebody told me that James Franco smiled at me but I had no idea who he is.

    Actually, I'm still not sure who he is. I think he was in some super hero movie.

    But I do like Cassie's bag! :tup:
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    JAMES FRANCO?? at the risk of sounding like a teenage girl cliche, i am so RIDICULOUSLY jealous linpaddy!! :nuts: wherever did you fortuitously pass him on the street oh so casually?

    (he was in spiderman btw ;) )