prada washed leather bags is it too casual??

  1. Hi i have just been to prada and am absolutely loving the washed leather bags currently in store. There are quite a few designs to choose from, but i was wondering, do you think i would be able to use it at night or is the washed leather too casual?:shrugs: Thanks heaps for the opinions!:yes:
  2. Im about to blow 2090 on one..LOl..LOVE these bags..GO FOR IT!(Its gonna be my XMAS present from PHH..LOL)
  3. Oh do any of you have pics?? Sounds lovely!!
  4. ^Im kicking myself...CUZ My Prada SA sent me 4 GORGEOUS new bags last week..I didnt get a chance to take pics before shipping back.....I had the funeral last week to deal with and it was such a crazy week...Wish I remembered to take pics...ALL the bags were AMAZING...PHH is in trouble for the holidays..I just give him SADA'S number at Prada and she has my "LIST"..LMAO!
  5. i really like the new prada bags! :yes: i had never before.... and thanks to jill for sharing her stuff and letting me see them all!:rolleyes: hey jill - which one is the christmas present?

    ive ordered and im waiting for my new bag!!! very exciting! but anyway- i love them! they are so soft and they look AMAZING! imo.:rolleyes:
  6. Would love to see Jill's x-mas present. =)
  7. Me too. Maybe Jill's PHH can talk to my PHH:graucho:
  8. I have a big washed leather bag, and it is very casual, but I love it.
  9. Jill I wish you got pics!!! I think you can dress bags up easily... but depends on size of the bag and shape too IMO
  10. not too casual for dressed up occasion at all..imho...anyway it seems like there are really no rules anymore. They're even wearing ballet slippers with cocktail dresses..........................AND, may i ask if this washed leather is the same as metallic??? maybe this is the actual material on my Prada posted earlier here re: metallic part smudging? does the leather wear off in places?:s
  11. ^NO! The metallic is a TOTALLY diff leather type than the washed.
  12. uh oh.......feeling a new curiosity blooming, which threatens to turn into an i must see the washed bags............actually, i should wash my hands of this whole love affair all-of-a-sudden with Prada, but I don't wanna!!!!
  13. I'm falling in love with these bags.... :nuts:
  14. i think they're casual but not in a cheap sort of way. kind of like, i'm too good to even try.
  15. I can't recall if it was NM, BG or Saks, but one of them has it on their website for HALF PRICE!!!