Prada Wallets owners/fans???

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  1. Anyone here owns/likes wallet(s) from Prada? has this Black Prada Wallet (all leather) for $179.99, unfortunately, there's only 1 picture available. I searched other online retailers for an exact match, but still unsure (they are all black!); does anyone here know this wallet (name, regular price, etc)? Please help, thanks. =)

    Many Prada wallets can be found at,147.html

    (picture & info from costco)
    Casually chic, Prada accessories are a smart choice. This luxurious Italian import offers fine construction and meticulous detailing. Effortless style that's perfect for any occasion.
    Color: Black
    Textured leather
    Leather interior
    Snap closure
    Coin purse
    1 billfold
    2 open pockets
    6 card slots
    Silver-tone metal hardware
    Authenticity card
    6" L x 1" D x 4" H
    Made in Italy
  2. I don't know, sorry, but I'll *bump* this to see if anyone else does! :biggrin:
  3. Kind of a late reply, but I just saw this thread...

    I ordered the (online) Prada wallet that costco had marked down to $99.97 (forget the original price - maybe twice that?) and it arrived two days ago. I hated it! This was the one with the zip coin purse -- not on the website anymore. I didn't like the leather for a wallet and it was very masculine looking. It was also too big for my hands and felt awkward to me. Beautifully done though!

    Called costco and they are sending me a postage paid label to mail it back to them.
  4. I have a burgundy Prada wallet and I hate it. It stains easily and it hasn't held up well. I'm actually looking to buy a new wallet.
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