Prada Wallets/Bags at Costco?

  1. Hi, are Prada wallets/bags at Costco authentic? Thanks!
  2. I almost sure that everything at costco actually is authentic. As a national chain they don't want to lose their reputation and can't go around blatently breaking the law by selling fakes. But I don't work there or anything, so can't gaurantee;) Any one else?
  3. Yes. =)
  4. Cool! Thanks mandm & bag.lover! :biggrin:
  5. Absolutely! Everything there is authentic. I just purchased this gorrrrrrgeous Fendi lastnight from :smile:
  6. Costco gets a lot of things through the "gray market" (people with connections to manufacturers buying merchandise at a discount and then reselling it). Many years ago a friend bought a Rolex, and I have bought watches and fountain pens at Costco, and they've all been the real thing.

    I just bought a large Ralph Lauren bag there last week for $99. There were several other RL pieces, and one Coach bag, but alas... no Prada or Fendi. I'll just keep checking back...
  7. YES. Costco can be trusted!! They have an AWESOME return policy so if you get a bad feeling later, no problems. 6 months no questions! :smile:

  8. yah, i also saw lots of jewery at costco too. The other day, i saw a cartier watch... very beautiful...
  9. I'm still in shock that Costco carries Fendi and Prada. On top of that, the selection isn't bad either! I guess I just never equated high end brands and warehouses :lol:
  10. Wow! My friends had bought a lot of stuff from there, so I always assumed it was legit, but all of your rave reviews have be jumping to get out to Costo!!! Prada, Fendi, Coach...
  11. Costco is great, I highly recommend them Jmoy. I have friends who buy diamonds/watches from their local stores. Vuittongirl, I'm a big fan of Cartier. Not long after getting its Pasha watch in Europe a few year ago, I spotted some of their watches at Costco. Whenever I am there and not in a big rush, I always check to see what they have. I browse their online store too (better selection). My wallet thanks Costco for not carrying Cartier's Tank watch yet.

    Leila, congrats on your purchase. They have nice Prada wallets online too, I've been eyeing it. =)
  12. I bought one of my Coach bags at Costco two years ago. They told me that around Mother's Day they usually have a display of special items. I bought a signature hobo for only about $130 when the same one was selling in the Coach store (not the outlet) for $165. I still saved some money!
  13. Yes, It's All Authentic.....

    Congratulations Leila
  14. Yup, all authentic. Their diamonds are also high quality and they have gorgeous pieces. All diamonds guaranteed to have clarity of VS2 or higher and I color or better.
  15. Online, they have the tank watches...americane and francais ;)