prada wallets and miumiu handbag on sale at SAKS:

  1.'s a good price, but the color is not for me. Thanks for the post! Someone else grab it quick!!!
  2. Thanks for posting!
  3. Oh I just purchased the red Continental Wallet plus 15% off, thanks for posting!! :nuts:

  4. tnx for the links
  5. Thanks, I need a new wallet but don't know if i want one in red or orange.
  6. I really like the prada credit card holder, just wish it were a different color.
  7. how do you guys find these links? I can't get to it fromt the regular Saks site but only though this link. I want to learn how to find deals like these.
  8. I ordered the red Continental wallet with 15% off too! hopefully the red isn't too overwhelming..
  9. This was a weird day-the purse forum was blocked this morning when I went in to work this morning, and then by this afternoon, I was able to log on and buy this purse.

    I can't post at work-but I just wanted to warn everybody that when they post a link-make sure that you log out of your personal account.

    For some reason, I was able to see personal info when I clicked on my account using this link:confused1:

    Also, I missed the 15% sale by a few hours. Whoever gpt it lucked out because it was suppose to only be on items for men:smile:
  10. I ordered the Prada French Purse Wallet, such a great deal hopefully it won't be too bright either
  11. the code should work til sunday i called a rep.
  12. I ordered the red wallet when this thread was started and my wallet shipped..YAY!